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Nthabiseng is 38 years old and lives with her husband and three children in Hammanskraal.
Field worker Nella conducted an interview with her about her work for our foundation.
At the end she has a short message for the people in the Netherlands. 

What do you like about your work?

I like everything... No, that's not completely true. But I really love my work. And most of all I enjoy the contacts with the elderly in the home for the elderly.

The new home for the elderly is almost finished. Can you say anything about that?

I am looking forward to the inauguration of the Elderly Home. It's really going to make a difference from the current elderly house, everything is much better to keep clean and because the new elderly house is better built, the elderly will be less "bothered" by the heat or cold.

How is life in Hammanskraal?

Good..., well, that's basically what everyone says when you ask that question. People are not likely to say they are struggling. Not even if there is no more food in the house. Then they will still say they are fine, when that night they have to go to sleep without food. Many people experience stress. They don't have a job, which means you can't take good care of your children, etc.

Can you say something about the cooperation with your Dutch colleagues? Did you have some funny experiences?

... Something funny. No, I can't think of that. What I like is how my colleagues participate in the children's games, for example. But also that they want to be with us during difficult moments, like a funeral. While they come from a completely different culture, they really do their best to adapt.

By now I have known them all a little longer, but in the beginning I was a bit afraid of pastor George, he was quite direct. And Marieke was very much in the background and shy at first. I don't remember very well what I thought about Nella. She was just there and went to work. I really regret that Teunie went to work in Refilwe and will soon return to the Netherlands. Only when someone leaves do you realize what someone means to you.

Can you say something about the Bible classes for children?

For the children it is good that they can come to the center after school. Then they are not 'on the street' where they learn and can do many wrong things. It is good that they hear the Bible stories and in this way learn what God asks of us.

That is important for us as well. Before Bethlehem was here, I never actually read the Bible. I didn't even have a Bible in my house. And I notice within myself that I have two hearts, so to speak. I know I have to read the Bible and seek God, but I always have other things to do that I think are more important. As humans, we often need problems before we pray and read the Bible.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the people in the Netherlands and Canada?

Thank you for everything you do for us and for sending your people here. And I hope that one day Bethlehem will also be here on Sunday so that we can go to 'your' church.

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