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Bethlehem Foundation Canada has been established as the Canadian branch of the Dutch Bethlehem Foundation (Stichting Bethlehem). This makes it possible for people from Canada to support the missionary and evangelistic activities and material aid that the Bethlehem Foundation provides in South Africa. Bethlehem Foundation Canada endorses the same goals as the Dutch foundation, as described below.
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From daily bread to the living Bread​​​​​​​
Hunger, poverty, and no prospects for the future. This is what the inhabitants of the townships in South Africa have to deal with on a daily basis. There is also another need: many are unfamiliar with the Word of God and therefore do not know what is needed to have a true perspective. Today and in the future. The Bethlehem Foundation wants to be there for the townships around Pretoria. Bethlehem Foundation has contracted with Stichting Bethlehem to execute two projects: 1) Operation and Maintenance of an Elderly Home in Hammanskraal, and 2) providing food packages in Refilwe.  The trust that is built by these two projects, makes room for the proclamation of the Word of God. Stichting Bethlehem organizes missionary and evangelistic services, offer Bible studies for the elderly, tell Bible stories to the children, and leave Bibles and meditations in the homes of the people. By offering this support we hope to create room and trust for a conversation about the Lord and His Word. From bread to the Bread!

Project #1 Elderly Home

Hammanskraal South Africa

The Elderly Home is currently in use as a care home for the terminally ill and old people that cannot be taken care of by their family. All patients are elderly and are mentally or physically disabled. The Elderly Home is situated on the compound in Hammanskraal, which is owned by Stichting Bethlehem’s partner organization Tshepo Ke Lesedi Care for Elders. Stichting Bethlehem is the employer of the employees currently working in the Elderly Home. 

Stichting Bethlehem will manage and carry out the operations of the Elderly Home through providing basic necessities of life, including health care, to the elderly patients who live there and to those in the surrounding community who are in need, who require basic health care services and who otherwise would not have access to a clinic or medical professionals.  In order to provide more care for increased capacity, the Contractor plans to hire a fulltime medical worker to carry out these activities and to provide basic health care services to those in need in the surrounding community.

The duties of the medical worker will include the following:

  • identifying complaints and/or deterioration in patients (increasing complaints, such as shortness of breath, etc.) and referring patients to medical professionals and/or treatment if necessary
  • accompanying patients with medical needs, for example to visit a clinic or to seek psychological help
  • supporting patients with general activities of daily living 
  • listening and offering psychological support to patients
  • providing basic health information to those in need, including information about: 
    • hygienebasic wound care (such as rinsing and bandaging the wound)
    • pressure ulcers (such as changing positions) 
    • medication intake (for example, that it is important not to skip HIV medication)
    • dental care
  • bringing patients to the clinic and the hospital who are in need and who have no other means of transportation

At no time will Stichting Bethlehem provide any medical advice or carry out any diagnostic or core medical services such as wound care, infusion therapy, providing prescriptions and/or diagnosing and advising on treatment of illnesses or diseases.

project #2  Provision of Food Packages

Many individuals and families within the community of Refilwe and Hammanskraal are in need of food and basic necessities of life. Recent increases in inflation have increased the cost of food and other basic necessities throughout South Africa which has particularly impacted those in need in Refilwe and Hammanskraal, South Africa.

BFC will engage Stichting Bethlehem to prepare and provide food packages to those in need in Refilwe and Hammanskraal, South Africa. A typical food package will consist of:

  • Cornflour
  • Washing liquid
  • Full cream milk
  • Tea bags
  • Laundry bars
  • Canned fish
  • Brown sugar
  • Potatoes
  • Cooking oil
  • Oats


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